Savaria Ceiling Lifts

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Our technology

Strong, Simply & Comfortable Ceiling Lifts

Intuitively designed from the ground up to perform better, last longer and cost less over time. Ergonomic ceiling lifts and less spacious.

About Us

Better mobility for life

Savaria, a leader in accessibility products, developed a new ceiling lift product line to meet the unbeatable prices of an ageing population and their need for mobility products. Savaria ceiling lifts deliver a plethora of advantages for all stakeholders: the patient, caregiver, installer/technician and the healthcare facility management. Ceiling Lifts allows you to move conveniently and independently between rooms.

Home Care

Savaria Ceiling Lifts deliver the continuity of care you need to transition from the hospital to the home. For some patients, a ceiling lifts are the answer to being released from the hospital sooner.

Out of Home

Savaria Ceiling Lifts deliver a lower cost of ownership for health care facilities as a result of superior technology that’s built for longevity.

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